United States
South East
Charity Director

I've worked with several charities, was a youth worker for 10yr, an engineer and have paid income tax here from day one.

I arrived in this country with only what I had in my pockets but have never relied on government benefits and have worked hard and paid my taxes from day one in the UK. I went through the long process to officially secure my permanent residency and then my British citizenship. That took me 16 years in total. I do a lot of work in my community and support a number of local charities where I live in Milton Keynes. I have settled here and put down roots. I now have a large, extended network of friends and family (through my British partner) in the UK and am proud of everything I have contributed to my community and my new country. I benefitted from the UK's humane immigration policy in the 1990's and worry that recent events indicate the country is looking to slam shut the doors and pull up the ladder. I know from my own experience, that immigrants are not parasites! Yes, we come to this country, one of the very finest in the whole world, to make a good life for ourselves, but we also want to contribute to making life in this country good for everyone, by working hard and playing by the rules. Diversity is an asset, not a liability.