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I am an Immigrant Poster Campaign

The ‘I am an Immigrant’ poster campaign is a celebration of the immense contribution that immigrants make to UK society. This campaign, initiated by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) and run through the Movement Against Xenophobia (MAX), was created to show that immigrants not only contribute, but are part of the fabric of society.

The campaign is a response to the increased anti-immigration rhetoric occurring in politics and the need to shed a positive light on immigrants and the social, economic and cultural prosperity migrants bring to the nation.

Immigrants across the UK were invited to submit their stories and fifteen people were chosen as the ‘faces’ of the posters. These posters were displayed at 400 tube stations in London and at 550 national rail stations across the country. A further 26 billboards throughout the country also displayed the posters. This website allows other immigrants the opportunity to create their own digital poster displaying their story.


This campaign caught the public’s imagination by providing immigrants with a platform to tell their story. With the help of over 1,524 supporters through Crowdfunder the campaign was able to raise £54,101 in just 3 weeks, an incredible £10,000 over the original target. The campaign received an amazing response nationally, with mentions in the Independent, the Guardian and the Huffington Post and the campaign video has received over 54,000 views.  The campaign also received an enormous amount of support from international journalists, campaigners and members of the public from around the world. 

The campaign promotes the message that all immigrants, whether naturalised as British citizens, holding dual nationalities or nationals of other countries, are part of our society and they should be celebrated.



Help us change the negative rhetoric against migrants and celebrate the contribution of migrants. If you are an immigrant to this country and want to be part of the campaign, you can directly upload your photo and story by clicking on the black arrow at the top of this page.

JCWI is delighted to be working with the International Organisation on Migration (IOM) to bring together the 'I am an Immigrant' and 'Migrant Heroes' campaigns.This is a natural next step and we are very excited to start the search for good will ambassadors. Read more here

Other ways to get involved:

  • Join the conversation using the hashtag #IAmAnImmigrant
  • Like the JCWI Facebook Page @JCWImmigrants
  • Follow us on Twitter @JCWInews
  • Share the posters widely on social media. Let’s get our stories heard!

I am an immigrant, I add value to this country, I am proud of who I am and I am proud to be here.