Keir Clarke
United Kingdom
South West
Sailing Coach


Born in the UK, raised in N. Ireland, but since I was 18 I have enjoyed the liberty of free movement & have been lucky enough to work & live in Greece, Antigua, Australia, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Zanzibar, Vietnam, Brazil, St. Lucia. I have felt welcomed & loved in all of the countries & life without the possibility of immigration, for me, would be incredibly monotonous. Mine is a "1st world" Immigration story, but I absolutely have travelled to better my economic prosperity for the last 12 years and would not change it for the world!

My partner is Polish, whom I met whilst working in Greece, and she has enjoyed working in the UK when they first entered the EU. We have a baby boy, half Pole, half Brit & we hope he will spend his young life migrating with us all around the world!

We have met immigrants from all over the world, who are in new countries for their own reasons. Immigrants are really what makes big cities beautiful & colorful places. I love going to London or other capitals & to see & hear the countless languages & dress of people from different corners of the globe. This is what makes the world so interesting & also what makes people so interesting!!

Without immigration people would be so agoraphobic, afraid of one another, racist & full of hate.

I love immigration and encourage anyone who thinks they can better their lives to explore the world while we are still allowed to travel to do their best to make it happen.

For those that need to migrate due to problems with war and unrest, I wish you all safe passage & hope you get the help you deserve as human beings.