Olga Vaychule
Russian Federation
South West

I am a mom, a full time working pharmacist, a community activist, a Homestart volunteer and yes, I am an immigrant.

I was born and raised in Moscow, former USSR. I have moved to UK with my family (husband and daughter) when I was 27 and when I just finished my degree in Pharmacy. Being fluent in English my husband and I (both pharmacists) quickly found work in the community pharmacy where we both practice full time. My 4 year old attends a local preschool. Working full time does not stop me from getting involved in the community. I have identified local charities where I could make a contribution and I dedicate time each week to engage myself in hands on work in the local community. I have participated in several local music concerts singing Russian folksongs and sharing some homemade sweets - Russian style. I believe I bring my best to the community here and I'm sure those who know me would agree wholeheartedly. I am an immigrant, but I like to think that people first see me as a human, as a person who wishes well and works for the better future. And I believe that the future is in unity.