Russian Federation
South West

I am an Engineer. I work to solve problems in British Manufacturing.

I spent my early childhood living in various cities in Russia. When I was 11 my family moved to Kazakhstan for my father’s job. Then, aged 15, I came to Scotland to study. The year after, the film “Borat” came out, and it became much easier to explain to my classmates where Kazakhstan is.

I did my GCSEs and A levels in Scotland, and then moved to Southampton for warmer weather and a BEng in Mechanical Engineering. I took a year out to do a placement at a motorcycle factory, working as an Assembly Engineer at Triumph Motorcycles in Leicestershire. I was in charge of the tooling which tightened every nut and bolt in all motorcycles produced in the factory in Hinckley. After finishing my BEng, I studied for an MPhil in Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

Straight after graduation I started working as an engineer in an oilfield services company. I am based in the small town of Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. The factory manufactures power sources for use on oil rigs all around the world. My job includes bringing new models into production, and finding ways to continuously improve quality and make production more efficient. I am working towards becoming a Chartered Engineer with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

In my free time, I try to do things for the local community. I spent a year volunteering with Scouts, passing on my inspiration for engineering, science and technology. Unfortunately this Scout group has closed down, so now I am preparing to volunteer for Action Tutoring, helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve a grade C or better in GCSE Maths.

I also love the outdoors, and spend many of my weekends and holidays climbing and cross-country running in beautiful places in UK and abroad.