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Silvia Aced Rodriguez
United Kingdom

Helping British Families to support their children with special needs

Without me working as a Mentor and Befriender British families would have not achieved their goals.
Without me working in the Railways and London Underground British families would not have enjoyed a safe journey.
Without me paying my taxes, tv licence, council, transport fares, food and clothes shopping British services would have made less profits.
Have you now taken enough from my money and skills so that my 23 years in this country, my children born and raised here and the only home I know are not worthy anymore as for me to be denied of my right to remain in this country anymore?
I could have British Citizenship since 2000 but my rights were never being questioned, I bring emotional reassurance and support to British families, we all make London, migrants are your main workforce, we are all colleagues, neighbours and friends.
Many who voted Brexit realised of the actual meaning of their decision and it is clear Brexit its not wanted by a majority anymore. Few politicians have had the guts to try and overturn this terrible decision, I certainly hope one day migrants are appreciated and acknowledge for what they bring and the asset they are to the country rather than what some people portrays of them.