Adult Dependent Relative Visa

The UK adult dependent adult relative visa is a specific visa category designed for individuals who intend to reside in the UK permanently as dependants of their resident relatives.

This visa is available to those who are dependent on their relative in the UK, for example due to old age, illness or disability and are unable to care for themselves without external help.

To qualify for this visa, the applicant must prove that they have a relative in the UK who is able and willing to provide for them. It must also be confirmed that the applicant requires long-term support for their relative in the UK due to their personal circumstances. The application fee for this visa is £3,000.

This type of visa has been created to provide support for those who are particularly dependent on their relatives in the UK, ensuring that they are able to stay legally and long term with their loved ones.

Requirements For Dependent Visa

In order to successfully obtain an adult dependent relatives visa in the UK, the applicant will need to submit a number of documents to demonstrate that they meet the strict requirements of this visa category. It is important to ensure that you meet all the criteria before submitting your application.

The main requirements for an adult dependent relative visa are:

  • Degree of relationship: The applicant must be a parent, grandparent, brother or sister, son or daughter (all over the age of 18) of a person residing in the UK. This person must be a UK citizen, be domiciled in the UK, or have specific permission to remain in the UK.
  • Need for care: The applicant must demonstrate a need for long-term care due to age, health or disability.
  • Lack of care in their home country: The applicant must not be able to get the care they need in their home country, even with financial support from UK relatives.
  • Financial support: You must be able to get financial support, accommodation and care from your relative in the UK without having to apply for state aid.
  • Medical documentation: If required, the applicant must provide proof of medical examination to ensure that he/she is free from tuberculosis.

Requirements For a Sponsor Relative For An Adult Dependent Relative Visa

In order to successfully complete the UK adult dependent relative visa process, the sponsoring relative must also meet a number of specific requirements. These conditions ensure that the sponsor is able and willing to provide for the applicant throughout their stay in the country.

The requirements for a sponsor relative include:

  • UK citizenship: The sponsor must be a citizen of the United Kingdom.
  • Irish citizenship: In this case, it is required that the sponsor resides or has previously resided in the UK.
  • Permanent Right of Residence: The sponsor must have an indefinite right of residence in the UK.
  • Settled Status: The sponsor may have a settled status under the EU Settlement Program.
  • Provisional settled status: In this case, the sponsor must have crossed the UK border before December 31, 2020.
  • Refugee or Humanitarian Protection: If the sponsor has refugee status or has humanitarian protection in the UK.

Who Can Apply For An Adult Dependent Visa

The UK offers a visa for dependent relatives, providing an opportunity for families to stay together, especially when one member of the family requires long-term care. Those considering applying for this visa should be aware of the categories of relatives who are eligible.

The categories of relatives who may qualify for this visa include:

  • Parents: If one parent resides in the UK and has eligible status, the other parent may consider applying for a dependent visa.
  • Grandparents: The older generation may also be considered dependents if they require long-term care.
  • Brother or Sister: Brothers and sisters who are 18 years of age or older can also be considered dependents.
  • Child over 18: In some cases, adult children may also apply for this type of visa.

However, it is important to realize that it is not enough to simply belong to one of the above categories. The dependent relative must truly need long-term care, and that care can only be provided by you. If there is another family member or caregiver available in the relative’s country of residence who can provide the necessary care, the visa application may be denied.

Financial Requirements To Sponsor A Dependent Relative

To successfully sponsor a dependent relative in the UK, you need to demonstrate the financial ability to provide for that relative. This provides assurance that the dependent relative will have everything they need to live comfortably for the duration of their stay.

Financial requirements for a sponsor include the following:

  • For single sponsors: Weekly income must be a minimum of £77.
  • For sponsors living with a partner: Weekly minimum income must reach £121.05.
  • Adult family member: If your relative is 25 or over, an income of £77 per week is required. For relatives under 25, the minimum income is £61.05 per week.
  • Children under 18: An income of £70.80 per week is required for each child living with you.
  • Housing costs: This includes rent or mortgage payments and local taxes.

Housing Requirements

To successfully attract a dependent relative in the UK, you need to ensure that the proposed accommodation meets all standards of safety and comfort. This means that the accommodation must be in good condition, with no visible damage or threats to the health and safety of the residents.

It is also important that the housing provided has enough space for all residents. This implies that the accommodation must not be overcrowded and must meet the standards set by the local authority. In addition, the housing should be equipped with all necessary amenities, including water, electricity, heating and sanitary facilities. Finally, it is very important that the housing complies with local building standards and regulations.

In general, when considering a dependent relative, the sponsor should ensure that the proposed accommodation is not only suitable but also safe to live in.