Post-Graduate Visa

Post-graduate visa, or graduate visa, in the UK is a visa category granted to international students who have completed their higher education at UK institutions. This type of visa allows graduates to stay in the country after completing their studies in order to seek employment or start their own business.

The purpose of introducing this visa category was to create favorable conditions for talented young professionals who can contribute to the economy and research activities of the UK. In this way, the country aims to attract and retain skilled people, contributing to long-term economic growth.

Graduate Visa Requirements UK

To be eligible for a post-graduate visa, a student must have successfully completed a course of study at an accredited UK institution. This visa is granted for a fixed period of time and allows its holder to work, conduct research or engage in entrepreneurial activity in the country.

In order to obtain a post-graduate visa in the UK, although it is not necessary to prove English language skills or ability to pay again (as these aspects have already been taken into account when obtaining a student visa), applicants need to meet a number of other criteria. Here are the main ones:

Successful completion of a course of study: the applicant must have evidence of having completed a program of study at undergraduate, masters or doctoral level at an accredited UK institution.

Relevance of education: completion of studies must not exceed a certain period of time at the time of application for a post-graduate visa.

A valid student visa or other visa that allows you to study in the UK.

Confirmation from the institution: an official letter or document confirming successful completion of the program must be provided.

Action Plan: in some cases, a brief description of how the graduate plans to use their skills and knowledge in the UK after graduation may be required.

It is worth noting that each candidate should carefully read the details and up-to-date information about the requirements on the official website of the UK Government or through accredited immigration lawyers before submitting an application.

What Rights Post-Graduate Visa Holders Have

Holders of a post-graduate visa in the UK have certain rights and responsibilities, including the following:

Right to work. Holders of this visa can work officially full-time in any field. This allows them to gain professional experience that can be very valuable after they have completed their studies.

Restrictions on certain types of employment. While post-graduate visa holders can work in most fields, they cannot be professional athletes or sports coaches.

Education. Holders of this visa are eligible for additional training or continuing education courses, but cannot start a new long-term study program.

Access to government funds. Individuals on a post-graduate visa are not eligible for government benefits or access to most other government resources.

One-time visa. It is important to emphasize that a post-graduate visa can only be obtained once. Once this visa expires, it cannot be renewed or reissued.

Who Can Get a Post-Graduate Visa

A post-graduate visa in the UK is a special type of residence permit created for students who have successfully completed their undergraduate or postgraduate program at an educational institution in the country. This status is granted specifically to those who have completed their academic program at one of the accredited UK educational institutions and have received appropriate evidence of their education, such as a diploma or certificate. It is important to note that while you are waiting for a decision on your post-graduate visa application, you are advised to remain in the UK. Any departure may affect the decision and complicate the review process. If there is a need to leave the country temporarily, it is better to consult a specialist.

Graduate Visa Cost

Applying for a post-graduate visa in the UK involves a fee for processing the application. The current cost of this visa is £715. This is the basic fee that must be paid when applying for a visa. There may be additional fees depending on the specific circumstances, so it is always advisable to check the details and current cost parameters on official resources or through accredited visa specialists.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Visa

The process of obtaining a post-graduate visa in the UK consists of several stages and the time taken at each stage may vary.

Once all the required documents have been submitted and payment has been made, the post-graduate visa application is submitted to the competent authorities for review. The standard processing period is usually up to 8 weeks. However, this period may vary depending on workload and specific circumstances.

In case of a positive decision to issue a post-graduate visa, the process of processing and receipt of the physical document usually takes up to 3 weeks. At this time, the applicant will receive a notification to submit their biometric passport for visa tagging.

Whether You Can Bring Dependants With You

This type of visa does not allow for dependents. This means that the principal applicant is not allowed to include other members of their family such as spouse, children or parents in their visa application. If relatives or dependants also wish to reside in the UK, they must apply for other types of visas appropriate to their situation. In some cases where dependants are already in the country on another type of visa, there may be the possibility of extending their stay or changing their status, but this depends on the terms of their current status. It is advisable to contact an immigration specialist for further information and to assess all possible options for staying with dependants.